Maidje is a documentary photographer and film maker from Berlin, who is developing the majority of her personal projects during international Artist Residencies. After studying Textile Design at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, she continued her education at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, where she graduated in 2018. Her artistic work revolves around various sociological topics, including industrialization and its implications in Western society, social phenomena in rural areas, and marginalized individuals.

Since 2019 she is a curatorial member of the AFF Galerie in Berlin. She is available for assignments and collaborations as a photographer, photo assistent, for curatoriol work and exhibition management.

Get in touch:

︎ hello (at)

︎ +4915758831891  


︎︎︎ “Diskurszone Ost - Reparatur und Revolution” is on view until June 30, 2024 at AFF Galerie in Berlin. It shows works by Eric Meier, Erik Niedling and Sven Gatter, curated by Sven Gatter and Maidje Meergans.

︎︎︎ From 2016 – 2018 she photographed the then upcoming restaurant ernst in Berlin. For press images please get in touch via e-mail: hello (at)

︎︎︎ In 2021 she was an Artist in Residence in Eastern Switzerland with the TaDA Residency. During her residency she also developed her first documentary film project about the history of the Swiss textile industry. Her work has been exhibited in 2023 at Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.

︎︎︎ Together with Julia Brigasky she curated the exhibition CODED BODIES in 2022 at AFF Galerie, showing works by Alexander Kadow, Lina Scheynius & Ivonne Thein.

︎︎︎ She is part of the exhibition project IN WAVES #womenincovid. The exhibition has so far been shown in Berlin (2021), Bremen, Lüneburg and Tallinn, Estland (2022) and in 2023 in Bremerhaven. Read her ZEIT Newsletter feature about it. 

︎︎︎ Maidje spent April through July 2022 in Upper Austria as an Artist in Residence of the project Wirbelfeld. The series “d’Jugnd im Innviertel” is now a permanent installation at Schloss Sigharting, Upper Austria.


"Hinterm Berg - Notizen aus Osttirol", Nadja Köffler (Hg.) schneeblind Band 13, 2023

“the story of ernst”, 2018 (self published, sold out)


06 – 07/2024: super soft residency #6 / Berlin, GER

02 – 03/2023: Kunsthaus bella martha /Bavaria, GER

04 – 07/2022: Wirbelfeld /Upper Austria, AU
09 – 10/2021: Künstlerhaus Eisenhammer /Brandenburg, GER
04 – 06/2021: TaDA Residency /St.Gallen, CH
.........08/2020: /East Tyrol, AU


open studio, soft power /Berlin,GER
Keep Your Eyes Peeled IX, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER
Mama, Bubu & me, GROTTO /Berlin, GER

Textile Industry & Artists in Residence /Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, CH
Keep Your Eyes Peeled VII, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER
9+1 TAGE SCHÖPFUNG, Kulturwerkstatt HAUS 10 /Bavaria, GER
Solo exhibition, Kunsthaus bella martha /Bavaria, GER
IN WAVES, Bremerhaven /Bremen, GER

Kunstwerkstatt Lienz /East Tyrol, AU
25*Jahre Streetwork, Sparkassen Stadtsaal Ried/Upper Austria, AU

Wirbelfest, Schloss Sigharting /Upper Austria, AU
Vonovia Shortlist, Sprengel Museum /Hanover, GER
IN WAVES #womenincovid, Stadt Bremen /Bremen, GER
IN WAVES, Goethe Institut Estonia /Tallinn, EST
IN WAVES, KulturBäckerei /Lueneburg, GER
Raum für Kunst Halle e.V. /Halle, GER

Shortlist Vonovia Award, Beste Fotoserie
Hinterm Berg, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain /Berlin, GER
IN WAVES, Köpenicker Str. 70 /Berlin, GER
Keep Your Eyes Peeled VII, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER

Saudade, Raaago online /Berlin, GER
Keep Your Eyes Peeled VI, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER
MÄNNER, Projektraum Spoiler /Berlin, GER

Helping Hands, Jugendprojekt Kreuzer /Berlin, GER
Pop Up N°1, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER
Keep Your Eyes Peeled V, AFF Galerie /Berlin, GER
Gallery Weekend opening, ORi Galerie /Berlin, GER

Jahrgang Zwölf, Offlocation The Shelf /Berlin, GER
Traumberufe, Jugendprojekt Kreuzer /Berlin, GER

2017: bluest light, ORi Galerie /Berlin, GER
2016: Ein Bild, Panke Gallery /Berlin, GER
2016: Ab in die Zukunft, Jugendprojekt Kreuzer /Berlin, GER
2015: IDLE Salon, Colonia Nova Galerie /Berlin, GER
2014: Rundgang, KHB Weißensee /Berlin, GER
2013: KunstPur, Galerie Wedding /Berlin, GER